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SOPHITUK - A Faster Way To Demolish Body Fat


All hale the female boss’s within the fitness industry, Paige Hathaway, Jessica Ennis, Kayla Itsines, Jen Selter, Jessica Arevalo and so so many more. Thanks to them, many of us have decided to take the leap of faith and flee from the cardio room into the weights area. However, I believe more females must do the same. Did you know that performing cardio for hours on end all the time may actually cause you to hit a plateau affect in your training? Of course cardio will help your drop the pounds but if this is all you do religiously you are bound to hit a wall at some point when comparing your results. Lifting weights will not only shift the pounds and amp your metabolism, you will also burn calories hours after you’ve trained, commonly known as the ‘after burn’ effect. 

Many females retain false assumptions that weight training will make you look masculine. What is my opinion of this is?  Honestly, it’s a load of rubbish. You can channel your weight training to assist your goals. Of course bodybuilders lift weights to get their immense muscles and chiseled physiques but there are so many different training phases depending on what you want to achieve.  

Here are some reasons why all women should use weights at some stage during their fitness regime;

- Weight training boosts your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn daily by just being alive). This will help anyone who is trying to lose a few pounds.  

-This is one to tell your mum. Postmenopausal women are prone to osteoporosis (fragile and brittle bones)  due to  a decline in oestrogen levels.  Studies have recovered a positive relationship between resistance training and bone density. Displaying not only can it offset bone loss, bone density will in fact increase within those who lift weights. 

-Enlighten your mood. Studies show women are twice as likely to develop clinical depression than men. However not many women realise this, nor do anything about it. Chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin released during weight training help us to feel positive. This type of training can also increase energy levels and improve our sleep patterns.  

-Many of us today evolve a very kyphotic posture. This is where our shoulders round and our chest becomes enclosed. The reason for this often stems from sitting for hours on end either at university or whilst at work, so many of us adopt a ‘hunched over’ type position. Weight training can be used to rectify this by training our posterior side of our body (backline). Poor posture can cause all sorts of issues and imbalances within the body so I highly recommend training to correct it.   

I have always been skinny through engaging in 4-5 hours a week of physical exercise when I was younger. As I got a little older I started to develop very subtle abs. People noticed this and used to comment about them. I have never had a womanly figure and never will do, these are just the cards that were dealt to me. However, I realised I could still receive positive opinions about my athletic body appearance and this is why I continue to train. 

However having said that, weight training can be used to help build curves and boost that booty.
Ok, so many of us are obsessed with the biggest booty ever seen in the public eye, belonging to KIM K. Since her booty went viral and has taken the spotlight many of us females want to build that booty. There are many exercises used to solely target yours glutes (booty muscles). I receive numerous messages from girls asking, why does my bum not grow from doing a gazillion squats daily?  The answer is quite simple; you need to specially target your glute muscles through a range of different exercises. If you stay consistent with this you will definitely see a difference in your derriere but be realistic. If your peach is more like a pancake, don’t expect it to look like Kim K’s or Jen Selter’s for that matter but it WILL grow for sure.  Do not just do this every time you go to the gym, switch it up. Leg exercises will also stimulate booty growth too.  

Don’t be scared, get your gym kit on and hit the weights. Just remember every alpha male in that weight section picked up a dumbbell for the very first time too. 

Active Wear

Here is a simple resistance training workout for your whole body  

1. Single arm dumbbell row  
2. Flat bench dumbbell chest press  
3. Seated dumbbell shoulder press 
4. Alternating bicep curl
5. Single arm tricep kickback – on a flat bench
6. Squats – add dumbbell in each hand if technique is correct 
7. Lunges – add dumbbell in each hand if technique is correct 

Complete 10-12 repetitions for 3 sets on each exercise. You want to feel the burn on the last few reps, use this as a guide to select your weight.  

I hope this inspires you ladies begin weight training and experience remarkable results. 

  Want to take it one step further and engage in a training programme to achieve sustainable results? Check out my 8 week Body Blitz exercise plan, with to follow instructions, exercise explanations and diverse training methods to enhance physique modification. 

Thanks for reading

Soph x

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