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Danni Bradshaw's Upper Body Blitz!

Hey Everybody!

One of my favourite body parts to train has always been upper body. I tend to train upper body 2-3 times a week (In my favourite URBAN sets of course) so I thought I would share a quick and easy workout to help you all create the perfect toned look!

Warm up –I always warm up for 5-10 on the cross trainer or with some light cardio.

Exercise 1

Dumbell Shoulder press (4x12)

Superset with

Standing Dumbbell Front raises (4x12)


Exercise 2

Standing Dumbbell Lateral raises (4x12)

Superset with

Standing barbell shoulder Press (4x12)


Exercise 3

Rear Delt Machine (4x12)

Superset with

Cable rope pulls to face (4x12)


Make sure you always stretch for 5-10 Minutes after every workout!


Danni Bradshaw

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